Overall Objective

10% increase per quarter in engagement across digital communications (total time spent on 胜博发娱乐app下载 website, social media followers, open of digital emails).

To move effectively into the future and fully meet the needs of its current and future members, 胜博发娱乐app下载 knows that it must enhance and improve its digital presence and digital communication strategies.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Optimize Website for Increased Member Engagement

  • Digital communications capacity contracted by August 2021
  • 10% increase per quarter in total time spent on 胜博发娱乐app下载 website (total number of sessions x session duration)

Improve Social Media Presence

  • Social media strategy created and staff trained in how it relates to their work by December 2021
  • 10% increase per quarter in Facebook + Twitter + YouTube followers

Improve Database of Membership Information

  • Database software updated and/or replaced to meet technical requirements and allow for future membership growth by Spring 2022
  • 10% increase per quarter in members with full information in database (including email, address, system retired from, and geographic district)